Opening an In-Gound Pool

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OPENING - IN-GROUND POOL (for those do-it-yourselfers)
Cover Removal
  • Insert garden hose under cover and start to re-fill pool.
  • Use a leaf rake to remove all leaves and debris from the cover.
  • Remove water from top of cover using a submersible pump or a siphon method.
  • Remove most of the water and leaves from the cover. The more you remove, the easier it will be for you to pull the cover back.
  • Two people, one on either side, pull the cover from the deep end to the shallow end-for easier access to remove last bit of water and leaves.
  • Use a pail to bail out the remaining water-pull the cover off.
Cover Clean Up
  • Lay cover out on a flat surface for cleaning (i.e. Driveway or lawn).
  • If it is a hot day, be careful you don't burn your grass.
  • Scrub the cover clean.
  • Roll cover up ready for storage.
Water Bags
  • Empty water from bags.
  • Check for holes or broken seams; make a note of how many bags need replacement.
  • Scrub up the water bags.
  • Roll the water bags up for storage. Do not fold as this leads to punctures and tears.

Installation of Deck Equipment (Ladder Installation)
  • Make sure ladder bumpers are installed correctly or liner damage will occur (Replace bumpers if necessary).
  • Insert ladder into anchor sockets in the deck. Make sure ladder is level and secure.
  • Tighten wedges-don't over tighten, just make them snug.
Pool Start-up
  • Start by removing all plugs from the return jets.
  • Replace eyeball fittings into returns to ensure correct water circulation.
  • Remove plugs and winterizing equipment from skimmer, replace skimmer basket and weir where applicable.
  • Next, move to filter pad.
  • Replace all drainage plugs that have been removed from equipment.
  • Reconnect pressure switch in heater if applicable.
  • Make sure all suction lines are once again full of water.
  • Fill pump with water and seal lid. Start system up.
Bring water sample in to be tested