Opening an Above Ground Pool

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OPENING - ABOVE GROUND POOL (for those do-it-yourselfers)
  • Use leaf rake to remove all leaves and debris from cover.
  • Remove water from top of cover using a submersible pump or a siphon method.
  • Remove cover, clean well, & store.
  • Remove plugs from the return jets.
  • Replace eyeball fittings into returns to insure correct water circulation.
  • Replace skimmer basket into position.
  • Reconnect any lines that have been disconnected for winterizing.
  • Start to refill pool.
  • Once water is half way up skimmer, put filter into WASTE position (Pump will prime easier).
  • Start pump and run until primed.
  • Shut pump off, put filter into BACKWASH position, start pump. Allow 5 minutes for circulation.
  • Shut pump off once again, and put valve dial to FILTER position for normal operation. Turn pump back on.
  • Add opening chemicals; let water circulate for 24 hours.

Bring in water sample to be tested