Tav Team

Tav Pools and Water Kingdom is owned and operated by Tav and his wife Carolyn.  Tav has 18 years in the pool industry and Carolyn has a business/accounting background and together they operate a personalized "hands-on" business.

Meet the Tav Pools Team: 

Tav Scovino - Owner and Operator

Tav is often referred to as the "pool chemical guru." He was one of the first sales people in the business to introduce salt water chlorine generation in Durham Region.  Tav's knowledge in pool/spa water chemistry is second to none and his ability to diagnose and troubleshoot 'problem' water is uncanny.  Tav will always greet you with a smile and a willingness to help.  Tav has over 38 years in retail experience and customer service and 18 of those years are in the pool industry.  His astute sense of "what customer service is' will have you coming back to see him time and time again.

Carolyn Scovino - Owner and Administrator

More than just a business partner, Carolyn takes care of most of the 'behind-the-scenes' projects at Tav Pools.  Carolyn has many years in retail experience, business and accounting.  She now works out with the construction crew building swimming pools and servicing them.

Frank Scovino - Store Manager

Frank takes great pride in understanding and communicating with our customers. Along with his brother Tav, he shares that same drive for perfection and a warm genuine caring for our customers' needs.  With a true sense of right from wrong, your experience with Frank is assured to be professional, yet fun.


Paul McGeorge - Hot Tub Specialist and Sales Consultant

Paul is a force to be reckoned with and remains unmatched in both sales of hot tubs as well as his knowledge of their construction and what makes them 'tick.' He will help solve problems whether just by a simple trouble-shooting procedure or if you need help chasing down those hard to find hot tub parts.  He can steer you to the choice that best suits your needs and your budget.  With several years of experience selling hot tubs, Paul will address all of your hot tub requirements.

The expert staff at Tav Pools and Water Kingdom will make us your one-stop shop! Come in and visit us anytime!