Tav Pools and Water Kingdom provides inspired design solutions for all of our pool installations.  Whether you are looking for an above ground, on-ground, or in-ground pool -  we will be able to help you through every step of the process.   

At Tav Pools we provide:
  • FREE On-Site Consultations and Design Solutions
  • Appropriate Construction Timelines and Affordable Pricing
  • Professional, Qualified, and Friendly Staff
  • FREE Water Testing and Pool Maintenance Support
And most importantly...complete customer satisfaction!

Above Ground Pools

The family favourite pool!
  • Variety of sizes to accomodate almost any backyard
  • Available in Round or Oval shapes
  • Minimal landscaping required
Above Ground Pools feature:
  • Extruded resin ledges, verticals, top and bottom plates, and resin rails.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel walls and an all weather enamel painted protective coating.
  • Exterior sealant for added resilience in all weather conditions.
  • Ultraviolet inhibitor and Acid Rain Resistant
  • Non-Corrosive stainless steel hardware for extended life 

52” Round Pools
52” Oval Pools
52” Oval Buttress-Free Pools
15 ft
18 ft
21 ft
24 ft
27 ft
12ft x 18ft
12ft x 24ft
15ft x 30ft
18ft x 33ft
12ft x 18ft
12ft x 24ft
15ft x 30ft
18ft x 33ft

Canadian Made On-Ground Pools

The totally versatile pool system!
  • Works in harmony with any landscape
  • Perfect for sloped or flat ground installations
  • Can be installed aboveground, partially in ground, or totally in ground
  • Installs easily in any soil condition
Built for long lasting beauty!
  • Galvanized steel makes this pool the industry leaders
  • Designed to withstand winters harsh freezing and thawing
  • Exterior finish can be customized by using aluminum, vinyl, and wood siding
  • Rockwood On-Ground pool system offers endless days of fun with every pool
Rockwood's design features are the most rugged on the market
  • Our wall systems are 52" tall and made of 14 gauge 2700/G235 galvanized steel, so durable that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on the pool.
  • Durable Polymer coping with UV inhibitors to withstand the exposure to the sun and provide lasting beauty.
  • Vinyl pool liners are formulated to prevent the growth of algae and protect against the damaging UV rays of the Sun.

Canadian Made In-Ground Pools!

The most durable and attractive in-ground pool!
  • Non-skid aluminum coping provides a smooth attractive perimeter around the pool
  • Solid concrete footer surrounds the base of the pool
  • Precision-crafted, durable vinyl liner, custom fit to provide years of swimming enjoyment
  • Reinforced concrete decking
  • Rigid stair, handsomely crafted in a variety of shapes and sizes
Hidden Treasures' Steel Wall Pools feature:
  • Top quality Zinc-coated galvanized steel walls with "Z" rib internal supports
  • Stake-Lok panel construction for strength and stability
  • Wide top and bottom panel flanges
  • Sturdy, heavy gauge galvanized steel brace with drive stake assembly
  • Optional, heavy gauge galvanized steel deck support braces.
  • Lifetime limited warranty for original owner.