Closing an In-Ground Pool

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CLOSING - IN-GROUND POOL (for those do-it-yourselfers)

Materials Required
  1. Wet/Dry vacuum
  2. Submersible pump
  3. Approximately 10' of foam rope
  4. 3 winterizing plugs
  5. 1 skimmer GIZZMO
  6. Approximately 10-13 water bags
  7. Eyelet remover
  8. Closing chemicals
  9. Non-toxic anti-freeze and funnel
    ·       Add closing chemicals to pool water and let circulate for a few hours.
    ·       Lay water bags around the pool, end to end.
    ·       Using a garden hose, fill water bags ½ full.
    ·       Using a submersible pump, take water level down just below the return jets.
    ·       Shut the pool pump off, turn off hydro and disconnect fuse.
    ·       Remove two drain plugs from pump and basket housing located at front and side of pump.
    ·       Remove lid and lint basket for storage. Remember to remove ladder and diving board!!!
    ·       Remove pressure gauge from filter head.
    ·       Remove drain plug or cap from bottom of filter.
    ·       If You Have A Heater:
    - Turn off gas
    - Turn in petcocks and leave turned in all winter.
    - Open pressure release valve and leave open all winter.
    - Remove pressure switch (inside heater).
    - If not covered, remove chimneystack.
    ·       Remove eyelets from returns.
    ·       Remove skimmer basket and vacuum cap out of skimmer.
    ·       Using 4' length of foam rope folded in half, insert into main drain line.
    ·       Put one winterizing plug in main drain hole.
    ·       Using wet/dry vacuum, vacuum all water out of the skimmer line.
    ·       Using 4' of foam rope, folded in half, insert into a suction line.
    ·       Insert GIZZMO into suction line hole.
    ·       Vacuum out return lines by holding vacuum up to hole until no more water comes out.
    ·       Using 1' of foam rope, folded in half, put in return line.
    ·       Put winterizing plugs in each whole, screw until tight.
    ·       Pull winter cover over pool, leaving cover lying on top and loose.
    ·       Lay water bags end for end around perimeter of pool on cover.
    ·       Add 1 gallon of non-toxic anti-freeze - half in return lines, half in skimmer.
    ·       Return Lines: Add through top of multiport valve using funnel.
    ·       Skimmer Lines: Add through pump using funnel.
                   Thanks for a great season and see you in the spring!